Our Core Beers

We like to think that our beers are the facilitator of conversation not necessarily the topic of conversation. Whilst we are happy for a smile of satisfaction to wash across the face of a drinker, we like to think that our beers inspire conversation (gibberish or not!).

Amber Fresh

A new form of ale for pubs. Fresh in name and fresh by nature.

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Otter Bitter

A golden brown session beer with a well-balanced malt flavour.

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Otter Amber

Popular mid-gravity beer delivering strength and great flavour.

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Otter Bright

Originally a summer beer, Bright is now a year round favourite.

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Otter Ale

Our premium beer, mahogany in colour with a fruit malt flavour.

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Otter Head

The strongest beer in the Otter range with an ‘old ale’ character.

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Otter Pale Ale

A very sessional American hopped pale ale.

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Beech Pale Ale

Full of flavour with a well balanced malty flavour and a dark ruby colour

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Choose any twelve bottled beers, to enjoy throughout May. Now including Otter Amber!
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