Our Core Beers

Otter Amber

ABV 4.0%

Otter Amber was first brewed for the trade in March 2009 as a mid gravity beer to complete the Otter Range. With a modern hop recipe, Amber has become a favourite amongst young male and particularly female beer lovers.

Imagine a beautifully polished piece of Amber and, funnily enough, that is what you’ll get when you order a pint of Amber. Wafts of citrus fruit and spice will entice you to drink. The Cara malt and carefully selected hops in Amber create a balanced, slightly bitter flavour with those fruity, spicy aromas following through to the tastebuds.  You might even detect a hint of ginger in there somewhere.

What does it look like?

Golden Amber


What about the nose?

Pineapple, Lemon, Spicy


What does it taste like?

Soft, Tropical Fruits, Full Bodied


Otter Amber Beer

An all-encompassing mid strength beer, ‘hopped’ to please every beer drinker – from new young radicals who crave American hops to connoisseurs who understand balance and flavour.

American and Slovenian hops play a large role in the delivery of craft beers. All too often craft beers are ‘over-hopped’ to the point where the beer becomes a challenge to drink (arguably a good discussion point), rather than a beer that slips down with ease and invites the next large swig! Amber does indeed use one of the most famous of US hops – Willamette. This beer delivers floral spice notes that are balanced on a malty base (Cara malting barley) with a mid strength boost of alcohol. The key though is the balance, which makes it very drinkable and broadly appealing.