Not tried Amber Fresh? Where have you been!

March 7, 2024

How many times have you gone to the bar only to be torn between the cool refreshing nature of lager and the more flavoursome character of cask ale?  If that sounds like a common quandary, then the latest beer launch from Otter Brewery is likely to be music to your ears, or tang your taste buds.

Amber Fresh is both fresh in name and fresh by nature and is a new form of ale that bridges the gap between lager and cask ale. Brewed in exactly the same way as Otter’s other cask beers to ensure maximum taste, Amber Fresh is served slightly cooler than traditional cask ales, and is gently carbonated to provide equal refreshment with a modern yet traditional taste. Whether sat around a fire on a cold winters evening, or sipping with friends on a hot summer’s day, Amber fresh is the perfect hybrid choice for both premium lager and cask ale drinkers.

As a full-bodied golden ale, Amber Fresh has the hint of soft, tropical fruits on the taste buds, along with an aroma that gives way to hints of pineapple, lemon and spicy notes to provide drinkers with an all-round refreshing pint throughout the year.  Amber Fresh should be easily spotted at the bar, thanks to a new bright amber style hand-pull on the cask ale end of the bar.

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