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Mary Ann

Root Soups for these hard months

I thought I'd share something warming with you given the incredibly cold weather we've all been subjected to recently.

This is one of the winter soups I'd dish up for everyone here on cold days to keep them all going. You can use carrots, parsnips, celeriac, beetroot or artichokes.

1). Scrub and remove any darkened bits.

2). Put your chopped veg into a pan with 1oz butter. Just caramelise the outsides for flavour.

3). Add 1 pint water plus a stock cube or stock.

4). Simmer until the veg are soft.

5). Season with pepper and salt and either liquidizer or stem blender the soup.

6). Check seasoning and add a drop of cream if you like.

A bit of parsley or a drop of truffle oil or fresh ground black pepper does wonders to dress it up.

Roll on Spring!

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