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Our own Chickens

I've long had a love of chickens, and this winter I've had so many lovely tales of chickens and children, that I've taken chance by hand and tomorrow my chickens arrive! They have a lovely run which I hope we have managed to make fox proof.

When we lived in our last house we used to sell free range eggs by the road side. It was good as it fitted into our way of life there, but I always longed to have some beautiful blousy chickens that look as good as their eggs taste. I am only having 8 of them and if I dare I will allow them to become pets, so the grandchildren can go down and handle them.

My only fear is the fox as when we first moved here we had the pet chicken and a duck which moved with us, they didn't last long in spite of being shut up at night, so these girls have a very smart two layer run! Watch this space I'll keep you posted!

PS Health and safety came and did a check on us and believe it or not, I have to have a gate to shut people who visit the Brewery going to see them in case they hurt themselves! Never mind my chickens! I'm not sure if David was teasing but he said I had to wear a high vis jacket when I go down to them, I always do as I'm told!

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