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Mary Ann

Windy Wet Winter

Well, at 7am I thought it was still night time! Dark wet and windy, it would have been nicer to snuggle down under the sheets again! This time last week we were enjoying sunshine, what a cockeyed world we live in.

After feeding the puppies and the necessary jobs there, bacon sandwiches and a check around diaries to find out what trips are happening this week, I set off on my weekly shop, look out Taunton.

The trees were looking good this morning, golden red hitting the beech trees and yellows of the hazel and hornbeam in the hedges, and wind whistling through the branches, come on mind, back to shopping.

Imagine my horror when I got into the store and found half term and holiday time had hit, I've never seen Monday like it except just before Christmas. All sizes of humans and many looking quite lost, obviously on holiday and not knowing where to go! Still as it was tipping down outside I suppose it was somewhere to go warm and friendly and a coffee to boot!

Never mind all that, I always think of Publicans, when the heavens open and the stocks for half term are in the cellar. I think one or 2 days can drive a person to drink, but then the weather has to improve to help humour and happiness return to the whole holiday group.

Rules for young in Pubs have become much more friendly since our lot grew up, quite rightly so as well, as long as the business of social behaviour and drinking is taught within the family unit anywhere you go, so on holiday social relaxation is great on a wet and windy day, please, please let the sun come out so everyone can enjoy sand castle building and water fights as well!

I do hope all you half term holiday makers have a great time this week and find good pubs and beer to try, happy hols! 
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