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The Way Ahead

Our most important plan is to continue what we are currently doing - only to do it even better.

The mini Otter Brewery: 2 years ago, we installed a mini brewery that can produce 8 firkins of beer. We use this to maintain the consistency of our current beers and to develop new brews for the future. Each year we face the 'new season's malt' which brings its own challenges, as the makeup of the grain differs physically and biologically according to that season's growing conditions. These changes need to be analysed and the brew adjusted to cater for these annual changes. The mini brewery means we can make the necessary adjustments to maintain consistency without wasting huge volumes.

The Future: Who knows where we will be in 2020 - all I can say is that what lies ahead fills us with excitement. The cask ale sector of the beer market has performed well over the last year or so and on average, 10 years has been knocked off the age of consumers showing interest in cask ale. This marks a radical change in the overall perception of cask ale and bodes well for the future. I'm sure we will continue to be part of this growth, where regionality is so important. Who knows, there may be room for another Otter pub or two? One thing's for sure - Mum won't be cooking any less! Also, this baby will let us dabble in the unknown and venture into pastures new.

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